Augmented Reality: Solutions for Institutions

Not sure what AR actually is or how to use this in your institution? Are you interested to see different use cases? Register for this upcoming webinar to hear more from our speakers!

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This webinar is targeted at a broad audience interested in leveraging the Augmented Reality technology to benefit their institutions.

Incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) in higher education can make a difference in the future of libraries. Learning through experiencing has been found to have multiple benefits, such as better retention of long-term memory and improved student motivation. What are the possibilities of AR in higher education?

Through this webinar, you will discover the essence and potential of immersive technologies. The speakers will also share tips on how to implement this technology successfully in your institution.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand what Augmented Reality is (as opposed to Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality).
  • Understand how this technology can be applied within institutions.
  • Explore several use cases.


Kapil Chhabra - Founder and CEO, Silver Wings

Kapil Chhabra

Founder and CEO, Silver Wings

An engineer by degree, Kapil Chhabra started his career in the year 1990. Entrepreneurship came as a natural progression to his career and he started his own venture within three years of his corporate stint after doing a successful venture for 20 years in Computer Graphics. A keen technology enthusiast and as a successful entrepreneur, Kapil believes in keeping up with the changing trends and dived into the space of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. He is also the founder of Silver Wings in Singapore and has successfully run the show for the last four years. 

Olaf Kwakman - Account Director and Project Manager, Silver Wings

Olaf Kwakman

Account Director and Project Manager, Silver Wings

Olaf Kwakman has degrees in Business Economics and Business Administration and worked since 1996 for several large ‘traditional multinationals’. In 2012 he abandoned his corporate career and started his adventure in the start-up environment, focusing on the opportunities of new technologies. Together with his business partner now running his own company in Singapore in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, where the focus is on providing business solutions with these immersive technologies.