Cochrane Library: Cochrane Clinical Answers

This webinar will help you to understand how to access and use Cochrane Clinical Answers, the clinician-facing product from the Cochrane Library.

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This presentation is targeted at healthcare professionals, information specialists and medical educators who are interested in improving the accessibility of systematic review data to inform clinical decision making.

Cochrane Clinical Answers offer clinicians a quick entry into the high-quality content from Cochrane Systematic Reviews, presenting actionable information and helping inform point-of-care decision-making.

Join Karen Pettersen, Senior Cochrane Editor at Wiley for an overview on how the Cochrane Library and Cochrane Clinical Answers can support your clinical practice.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand Cochrane Clinical Answers and how Cochrane Reviews are selected for Cochrane Clinical Answers.
  • Discover how to search for Cochrane Clinical Answers and how to use them in your care decision-making.

Please note that certificates will be issued to participants who attended the live session.



Karen Pettersen - Senior Cochrane Editor, Wiley

Karen Pettersen

Senior Cochrane Editor, Wiley

Karen Pettersen is Senior Editor for Cochrane Clinical Answers, and Journals Product Manager for Essential Evidence Plus, the Wiley flagship evidence-based medicine clinical decision support system. Karen’s background is as an Information Specialist and she has been a medical editor for over 20 years, previously acting as Deputy Editor for Clinical Evidence at the British Medical Association. Karen’s focus throughout her career has been to facilitate use of high-quality evidence to support clinical decision-making by helping to develop products that make the evidence readable, digestible and actionable at the point-of-care.