Cochrane Library: Navigation Tips

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This webinar is targeted to those who are not familiar with the Cochrane Library (beginners) and to those who consider themselves regular users or superusers and may not be up to date with the last developments. This is appropriate for researchers, librarians, faculty, and health-care professionals.

Join us in the second episode of the Cochrane Library series – where Alejandra Barciela shares with you best practices and tips to navigate the Cochrane Library platform. Within 30 minutes, learn about platform capabilities that will yield you more accurate search results quickly.

During this session, she will also review the main navigation and also show several functions users may want to do from the homepage, such as browsing content, switching languages or access more information on the content within the Cochrane Library. She will also demonstrate features from the latest developments designed to enhance your user experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Navigating the Cochrane Library: a quick overview.
  • Getting to the answers you need: basic and advanced searches.
  • Best practices and tips: saved searches, alerts and more.