Creating a Future Ready Library – The Technology Approach

This webinar aims to provide a key understanding of emerging technologies that impact the library sphere and the possibilities for creating the library of the future.

Academic librarians, information systems personnel and library professionals who envision or seek to incorporate emerging technologies to their library.

The role of libraries in the community has evolved considerably in the digital age as new technologies bring forth delightful new possibilities and initiatives. These rapid changes to the way we consume information, embrace knowledge, and interact with machine assisted intelligence, all have an impact on libraries.

Among the emerging technologies in the digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its varied applications is increasingly seen in our daily interactions. From Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant, to self-driving vehicles navigating the streets, the abilities of AI to recognize patterns efficiently and routinely, at a scale and speed that humans cannot take on, have made previously-thought impossible ideas come alive.

Libraries too, must consider how the expanding array of new technologies impacts the way it functions and and how it can harness its potential in order to forge ahead.

This webinar will offer insights to how libraries are transforming themselves in this digital world using technology, the opportunities and potential impact of AI on academic libraries.

Key Highlights:

  • Key emerging technologies that libraries should consider
  • How libraries can optimize the potential of digital technology and applications
  • Why artificial intelligence matters and what libraries can do to incorporate AI in its offerings


Surendar Parasuraman - President & Founder, HealthConnect Digital Pte Ltd

Surendar Parasuraman

President & Founder, HealthConnect Digital Pte Ltd

Surendar Parasuraman is the President & Founder of HealthConnect Digital Pte Ltd. He leads the innovation lab at HealthConnect Digital focusing on emerging technologies to foster better learning outcomes for modern day learners.

Rich in experience, he has worked on interactive technologies for more than a decade and has successfully executed projects connecting people, products, and brands through innovative technologies.

Surendar is also a member of the administrative council of Serious Games Association. The association serves to bring together subject experts in the fields of healthcare, education, corporate training etc. with those from the technology community such as game developers, apps developers, 3D graphic artists, data scientists, academia to co-create exciting solutions that benefit the end-user community.