The Future of Library Leadership

Join Peter Sidorko, Librarian, The University of Hong Kong as he shares how you can nurture future ready librarians to help your library grow and thrive.

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This webinar will be of interest to current or potential library leaders or even those with a passing interest in leadership in libraries today and in the future.

Demands placed on libraries continue to mount as they assume new roles that require flexibility, agility and an overall creative responsiveness. Within this volatile environment, the pressures exerted call for skills, attributes and characteristics that some librarians in leadership positions may not possess. In fact, it could be argued that all librarians are in leadership positions and that the evolving leadership traits are applicable to the entire profession, not just those in the most senior positions.

In this webinar, Peter Sidorko, Librarian at the University of Hong Kong shares an overview of the evolving needs for leadership in libraries, particularly academic libraries. Drawing on almost twenty years of working in leadership training from his stints at CAUDIT-EDUCAUSE Institute (2000-2003), The University of Hong Kong Libraries Annual Leadership Institute (2002-present), and; teaching leadership and management courses at the University of Hong Kong, his insights on leadership development and succession planning is valuable towards helping libraries grow and thrive in this disruptive age.


Peter Sidorko - University Librarian, University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Peter Sidorko

University Librarian, University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Peter Sidorko has enjoyed a career in academic libraries spanning over thirty years and is currently the University Librarian at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Peter is current Vice-President, and also a past President-elect, of the Hong Kong Library Association. He also holds several honorary international positions on advisory boards including the Wiley Publishing Asia Pacific Library Advisory Board, (2016-present).His research interests include library management and leadership, user behaviors, information literacy and learning spaces and he has published in these areas. His most recent publications are the co-authored article “Leadership Development of Asian librarians: The Longitudinal Impact of the HKU Annual Library Leadership Institute” in Library Management (2016) and the book chapter “Repositioning an Institutional Repository to Capture Research and Data”, in “Repositories for Print: Strategies for Access, Preservation and Democracy” de Gruyter (2017). He has also presented at almost 100 conferences and seminars, several of which have been published as proceedings. Peter’s interest in effective management and leadership in libraries led to the establishment of the University of Hong Kong’s Annual Library Leadership Institute in 2003, aimed at developing leadership qualities in Asian librarians. The Institute is now in its 17th year of operation.