Idea Management for Librarians in a Digital World

Save your seats in this upcoming webinar where the speaker will be introducing the concept of building a second brain and learn how to filter your information effectively.

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This webinar is for librarians who are interested in improving their use of technology for capturing, filtering, and applying information.

As a librarian, you now find yourself wearing many hats – knowledge manager, course developer, workshop facilitator, technology specialist – besides fulfilling your daily tasks. You require more knowledge and skills to curate and manage knowledge – and, in turn, share it with your patrons – and that can be a lot of information to process.

To handle this information overload, Lauren Valdez, co-founder at Forte Labs, will explore the concept of building a second brain – a method for personal knowledge management. She will also share about using digital tools to capture and curate information efficiently.

You’ll learn

  • Managing information overload in a digital era
  • How to capture diverse sources of information (documents, podcasts, screenshots, etc) into one digital system
  • How to turn reference material into creative output (writing, developing presentations, etc)

Please note that certificates will be issued to participants who attended the live session.


Lauren Valdez - Co-founder, Forte Labs

Lauren Valdez

Co-founder, Forte Labs

Lauren is the co-founder of Forte Labs, and leads training, coaching, and consulting services. She uses her extensive facilitation and events experience to create immersive learning experiences for our students. Lauren led consulting work with the Palm Beach County Library, training their staff on applying the Building a Second Brain method to their own work and teaching the methods to their patrons.