Introduction to Journal Peer Review

Discover how Peer Review works and learn how it can help you in this upcoming webinar.

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This webinar is targeted at Journal Authors and Reviewers.

Although debates have been raised about it in recent times, journal peer review remains central to the process of publishing and disseminating scientific research. Publishers and editors are responsible for ensuring that it is conducted fairly and ethically, and authors should feel reassured that their work is improved by the peer review process.

Join Heidi Allen, Senior Manager, Content Review at Wiley as she shares with you what authors need to know about peer review. She will also be talking about preparing for peer review and this will also help peer reviewers understand what is expected of them.

Key Highlights:

  • How peer review helps to validate and improve scientific research.
  • The different models of peer review.
  • What to expect during the peer review process.


Heidi Allen - Senior Manager, Content Review, Wiley

Heidi Allen

Senior Manager, Content Review, Wiley

Heidi Allen began her career as a research scientist before moving into academic journal publishing. Heidi is based in Melbourne and has been managing Wiley’s Asia Pacific Content Review team for the past 12 years. Her team has colleagues in Australia, China, India and Japan who all strive to provide the very best peer review experience for our authors, editors, reviewers and publishing partners. Heidi is part of a global leadership team who focus on continually improving Wiley’s peer review service to provide a timely, fair and ethical peer review experience for authors of all journals published by Wiley.