Making as Learning – The OMG Experience

Ever thought of transforming parts of your library space into something useful? Watch this webinar to find out more on library makerspaces.

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This webinar is targeted at anyone interested in the maker movement and making as a learning methodology.

Makerspaces have become a popular sight in classrooms, libraries and even organisations. An effective makerspace provides not only maker resourcesbut also creates active learning opportunities. Users can be empowered to learn the skills and knowledge required to make optimum use of makerspace resources 

How do you set up a makerspace or enhance your existing one? How do you ensure the best experiences for learning and knowledge transfer? Tee Wei In, a Technical Instructor at OneMaker Group will share his philosophy as a maker, and how makerspaces can bring libraries and learning to the next level 

Key Highlights:

  • The Philosophy of Making and Makerspaces.
  • How Makerspaces Help Learning and Knowledge Transfer.


Tee Wei In - Technical Instructor, OneMaker Group

Tee Wei In

Technical Instructor, OneMaker Group

Tee Wei In is a Technical Instructor at OneMaker Group. He started working life in advanced robotics back in 2004 where he picked up 3D modelling skills while designing a humanoid robot. He built his first 3D printer while working on an all-terrain autonomous ground vehicle and needed fast prototyping of customized brackets. He has since built, designed, used and repaired multiple different 3D printers. In the past five years, he has been travelling around the region to conduct training in 3D modelling and 3D printer usage for teachers, children and industry professionals. He has recently started teaching Artificial Intelligence basics to students and corporate executives.