Managing Research Overload

Discover tips and tools to help researchers manage research overload in this webinar.

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This webinar is targeted at the wider researcher audience and librarians who support researchers who are looking to expand their toolbox in ways to make research discovery easier.

Reports have shown that global researchers are inspired and are fulfilled in their roles but are stressed while working long hours. With the increase in research output, researchers have different challenges in staying updated in their field and improving their proficiencies.

Join Nikolaos Nanas, Product Manager at Atypon and Sarah Garfunkel, Director, Digital Marketing at Atypon in this complimentary webinar on an review of how researchers currently discover content and available tools and tips libraries can provide to help their constituents, including a deep dive into Scitrus, the new AI-based discovery application.

Key Highlights:

  • An examination of current methods researchers use for discovery and drill into tools and tips libraries can provide
  • Overview of Scitrus

Please note that certificates will be issued to participants who attended the live session.


Nikolaos Nanas - Product Manager, Atypon

Nikolaos Nanas

Product Manager, Atypon

Nikos studied civil engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, then pursued his interest in artificial intelligence, earning an MS in intelligent systems from the University of Sussex and a PhD from Britain’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi). In 2006, he became a researcher at the Institute for Research and Technology of Thessaly and also taught artificial intelligence, web technologies, and digital entrepreneurship at the University of Thessaly. His research has focused on the application of biologically inspired computing to the problem of personalizing information. In 2011, he founded Noowit, whose publishing software created intelligent newspapers and magazines that adapt to the interests of individual readers. Atypon acquired Noowit in 2017, when Nikos joined the staff. 

Sarah Garfunkel - Director, Digital Marketing, Atypon

Sarah Garfunkel

Director, Digital Marketing, Atypon

Sarah Garfunkel joined Atypon as Director of Digital Marketing in 2020, after nearly a decade in marketing related roles at Wiley and Springer. She has primarily focused on developing campaigns and programs for authors, researchers and society-related journals. At Wiley, she initiated author-focused programs as the “Top Author” campaign, which delighted thousands of authors by informing them their paper had been one of the most downloaded papers in a journal’s recent publication history. She also was the co-founder of a science storytelling program, which put on several live shows and recorded podcasts in which authors told the “story behind the science”.