Online Publishing Platforms and the Advancement of Scientific Communication

What are the different factors that drive scholarly publishing? Save your seats now to find out more during this webinar.

This webinar is targeted at librarians and researchers who are interested to explore more on publishing platforms and online publishers are enhancing the communication of science and research.

Discover the technology, business, and cultural factors that influence scholarly publishing and see how one online publisher is advancing the communication of science and research.

In this webinar, Hong Zhou, Atypon’s Director of AI Products and Head of AI R&D, will discuss market drivers such as Open Access and Open Science. He will enumerate specific ways that Atypon is addressing the needs of publishers and scholars through website design, discovery tools, collaborative authoring, and machine learning technologies that improve and accelerate the research experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction to Atypon. 
  • How Literatum supports the business of scholarly publishing worldwide. 
  • Atypon AI initiatives.


Hong Zhou - Director, AI Product and Head, AI R&D, Atypon

Hong Zhou

Director, AI Product and Head, AI R&D, Atypon

The Director of AI Product and Head of AI R&D at Atypon, Hong is leading Atypon intelligent solution group to provide solutions powered by AI and big data technologies to support the company’s business. Before coming to Atypon in January 2017, Hong was the CTO of Digital Fineprint, a startup that leveraged machine learning algorithms for the insurance industry. Prior to that, he was a senior software engineer and development manager at Schlumberger, and also spent a year designing race car games at Eutechnyx. He holds an MSc in computer science from the University of Sheffield; a PhD in 3D modeling with artificial intelligence algorithms; an MBA in digital marketing & Strategy from the University of Oxford; and a certification in machine learning from Stanford. He has published 13 articles in various computer science journals and Conferences.