Publishing for Early Career Researchers

Join us in this webinar to discover tips and tricks on how researchers can publish successfully.

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This webinar is targeted at early to mid-career researchers who wish to develop their expertise and understanding of the publishing process.

Key Highlights:

  • Preparing Your Manuscript.
  • Selecting the Right Journal.
  • Writing and Submitting Your Paper.
  • Peer Review Process.
  • Publication Ethics.
  • Promoting Your Research – Creating an Impact.


Rebecca Ciezarek - Journal Publishing Manager, Wiley

Rebecca Ciezarek

Journal Publishing Manager, Wiley

As a Journal Publishing Manager at Wiley, Rebecca oversees a portfolio of Humanities and Social Sciences journals, working with Editors and Society partners to direct journal strategy, provide guidance on best publishing practice, and overseeing business aspects such as Marketing, Legal, and Finance issues.  Prior to her roles at Wiley, Rebecca was a lecturer and tutor at Victoria University, Melbourne, teaching across an interdisciplinary range of subjects. Primarily Rebecca taught within the Gender Studies major, but her teaching experience also included foundational units on Research Methods for 1st year students, and Children’s Literature. Rebecca co-developed the current unit on Children’s Literature at Victoria University, and was also Co-ordinator of Sex & Gender, a 1st year Gender Studies unit.  Rebecca completed her PhD in Children’s Literature in 2016, with a thesis that examined contemporary illustrated adaptations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. During her time at Victoria University, Rebecca presented papers at numerous academic conferences globally, including The Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association, the International Research Society for Children’s Literature, and the Children’s Literature Association. Rebecca has had papers published in the Journal of Language, Literature and CultureChildren’s Literature in English Language Education, and Red Feather Journal, as well as contributing multiple articles to The Conversation. Since 2017, Rebecca has sat on several PhD candidature confirmation boards as an external Children’s Literature expert.