Top Tips in Finding the Right Journal to Publish In

Hear from Dr. Andrew Moore as he shares tips on understanding the ecosystem of journals and picking the right journal for your research paper, thereby increasing the chances of getting your research published.

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This webinar is targeted at Early Career Researchers and Authors who are publishing their first paper or first few papers.

Publishing in the “right” journal is not as simple as it might seem. For young researchers with little experience or guidance, choosing a suitable journal in which to publish a given paper is one of the most challenging parts of getting their research noticed. Taking time to understand the journal landscape and individual journals often saves time wasted by having to deal with an immediate rejection and then re-submit elsewhere, or – even worse – just manage to get into peer review with your chosen journal, but get rejected by the reviewers on grounds of imperfect “fit”. As research output expands, so do the numbers of papers submitted to longstanding, recognized, journals. However, their acceptance rates aren’t increasing, hence making it more important than ever that you submit to a journal that sees your paper as a good “fit”, especially when they have many other papers to choose from. In this webinar, Dr. Andrew Moore will give you some crucial advice and insights to help you negotiate the journal ecology and find the right “niche” for your paper.

Key topics:
• Knowing where your “story” fits into the literature and having a strategic plan for it
• Using quality measures to help you pick a “good” journal
• Representing your research so that the “fit” to that journal is well-explained


Dr. Andrew Moore - Editor-in- Chief, Wiley Researcher Academy

Dr. Andrew Moore

Editor-in- Chief, Wiley Researcher Academy

Dr Andrew Moore’s background is in molecular biology. Following the completion of his Doctorate studies with a PhD from the MRC- LMB, Cambridge in 1998, he was the Programme Manager for Science & Society at the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) from 1999 to 2008. During this time, he was also an Associate Editor of the journal EMBO reports. In 2008, he took over the Editorial of the hypotheses and reviews journal BioEssays. By early 2016, he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Wiley Researcher Academy, an online learning platform for young researchers.Andrew has developed activities ranging from stakeholder conferences and education workshops for teachers to media communication workshops for scientists.