Understanding Peer Review

Peer review remains a crucial step in the process of publishing a research paper. Join us as we hear from Michael Willis the different models of peer review, what authors can expect from the peer review process and how to prepare for it.

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Michael Willis - Senior Manager, Peer Review, Wiley

Michael Willis

Senior Manager, Peer Review, Wiley

This webinar is targeted at researchers and authors who submit research papers for publication in journals.

Although it has come under criticism in recent times, journal peer review remains central to the process of publishing and disseminating scientific research. There are many models of peer review, including pre-publication and post-publication, blinded and open. Publishers and editors are responsible for ensuring that it is conducted fairly and ethically, and authors consistently report that their work is improved by the peer review process. This webinar will describe what authors need to know about peer review and how they can prepare for it.

Key highlights:
• How peer review helps to validate and improve your scientific research.
• The different models of peer review.
• What to expect during the peer review process.