Wiley Digital Archives: Understanding Their Value

Are you making the most out of Wiley Digital Archives? Would you like to understand how they can help your researchers?

This webinar is targeted at existing customers of Wiley Digital Archives who wish to learn more about the platform and digitalised archives. The link is exclusively for invited customers.

The Wiley Digital Archives team will walk us through the benefits that Wiley Digital Archives can bring to your research community.

You will learn:

* What content you should expect to find
* How they can be helpful to researchers
* How they can be incorporated in the classroom
* How to run searches and analyze results in visual ways
* How to export citations, tables, maps, or translate text results


To learn more about Wiley Digital Archives, please visit wileydigitalarchives.com to request for a free demo.


Raymond Abruzzi - Digital Archives Program Director, Wiley

Raymond Abruzzi

Digital Archives Program Director, Wiley

Ray Abruzzi is the program director for Wiley Digital Archives, digitizing archival collections from learned societies and professional organizations in STEM. Ray’s work in the digital humanities has involved libraries, educators, researchers, and students, and has centered around the development and implementation of platform tools and interfaces which allow for large-scale corpora of primary source texts to be analyzed and considered in new and useful ways. Ray is a Senior in Columbia University’s Science and Society program, with a specialization in the history of science in Early Modern Europe, and he is also the Executive Editor of the Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History.
John Morris - Wiley Digital Archives Specialist

John Morris

Wiley Digital Archives Specialist

John is responsible for Wiley Digital Archives in the Asia Pacific Region. Located in Melbourne, John comes from the UK and has worked previously in Japan and Vietnam. Prior to working with Wiley, John was the General Manager for Mercury’s Fit2work, which provided Background Screening, Credentialing and Recruitment software and consulting to the Australian Government, Health and Education Sectors. John has volunteered as the chair of GEALC, an Adult Community Education service in Melbourne and Recruited volunteers to work with the Christina Noble Children’s foundation in Vietnam. He is the proud father of two brilliant boys and enjoys sports, music and reading. John’s fascination with digital archives stems from the quality content made available through our society partnerships. The unique primary source collections Wiley has established with outstanding historical collections providing incredible access to research and teaching resources. It is a real pleasure to share content rich resources with the academic community who derive such value from virtually hands-on collections.

Jiro Iwasaki - Customer Success Manager, Wiley

Jiro Iwasaki

Customer Success Manager, Wiley

Since joining Wiley in 2008, Jiro has experienced several roles in marketing and customer success for Japan and helped librarians/users get the best value from Wiley products.